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The ensemble Combo CAM, founded in fall 2016 in Leipzig, Germany, is dedicated prevailingly to baroque music from France, Italy, Spain, and South America and music from other cultural areas. Viola Blache, Friederike Merkel, babett Niclas, Antje Nuernberger, Martin Steueber, and Hannes Malkowski met through college in Leipzig. They presented their first program ‘The Real Baroque Book – Standards and other Secret Hits from the 17th century from France, Italy, Spain, and South America’ at the youth competition SPIELWIESE of the Cologne Festival for Early Music. For this performance, the ensemble ventured to enter new cabaret territory and led the fictional character Doris Meeresbuechner guide through the program with her unique, lovable, yet odd manners. Combo CAM won this competition and is since guest at different festivals.

Combo CAM is ready to accept new challenges, re-interpret and combine early music with the unusual.

Currently, the ensemble is developing a new program addressing the genius Leonardo da Vinci as well as it is working on an arrangement of Bach's Goldberg Variationen.

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"Welcome ladys and gentlemen to the Leiziger Völkerschlachtdenkmal! Leipzig - thank God - is not only a city of battleships and heros but also full of music. Therefore it is no surprise that exactly here the ensemble Combo CAM began - young people who put their heart into early music. Let us, you and I, have a look behind the scenes and observe Combo CAM and how they work..."

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Diego Ortiz: Recercarda Segunda – Follia – Gaspar Sanz: Canarios


Antoine de Boësset: A la fin cette bergere


Girolamo Frescobaldi: Se l’aura spira tutta vezzosa – Andrea Falconiero: Passacalle


aus Peru: Hancpachap Cussicuinin – aus Bolivien: Señora Doña María

live recordings


Claudio Monteverdi
Sinfonia, Si dolce è’l tormento


Anonym, Hrsg. Christophe Ballard
J’avois crû qu’en vous aymant


Claudio Monteverdi
Quel sguardo sdegnosetto

Combo CAM Szene

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when where
05.06.19 20.00 Uhr XII. Internationale Sommerfestival Johann Heinrich von Thünen, Gottin
06.06.19 20.00 Uhr Kupfersaal, Leipzig
31.08.19 15.00 Uhr Fest für Alte Musik, Köln
01.09.19 17.00 Uhr Fürstenberg
02.09.19 20.00 Uhr Delphi Theater, Berlin
06.09.19 18.00 Uhr Prenzlau
15.09.19 20.00 Uhr Bach-Archiv Sommersaal, Leipzig
18.12.19 19.00 Uhr Honrs Erben, Leipzig
19.12.19 19.00 Uhr Ackerstadtpalast, Berlin
17.05.20 20.00 Uhr Frankfurt/Main
Archiv - 2018
19.03.18 20.00 Uhr Kölner Fest für Alte Musik, ZAMUS, Köln
18.08.18 16.00 Uhr Klosterkonzerte Altfriedland, Altfriedland
19.08.18 16.00 Uhr Uckermärkische Musikwochen, Kirche Fergitz
12.10.18 19.00 Uhr Heinrich-Schütz-Musikfest, Kanonenhof Dresden

members …

Friederike Merkel

Friederike Merkel - recorder

Viola Blache

Viola Blache - soprano, baroque viola

Antje Nürnberger

Antje Nürnberger - baroque cello

Martin Steuber

Martin Steuber - baroque guitar, theorbo

Babett Niclas

Babett Niclas - harp

Hannes Malkowski

Hannes Malkowski - percussion

Doris Meeresbüchner

Doris Meeresbüchner

Combo CAM


The Real Baroque Book

Standards and other Secret Hits from the 17th century from France, Italy, Spain, and South America

Wenn mich allein lässt, was ich liebe... (If abandoned by what I love)

A Scenic program with works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Tomás Torrejón de Velasco, Francesca Caccini, Giovanni Legrenzi, John Dowland, Henry Purcell, as well as Sephardic, Israeli, and South American tunes

Christmas with Doris

Christmas Music from all over the World